NHR at AACA Meet in Gettysburg PA July 13-15 
NHR co-owners Norm Hutton and Shellie Stewart attended the AACA Spring Meet in Gettysburg PA the weekend of July 13-July 15. They took the 1912 Oakland Model 40 Touring and toured the Gettysburg Battlefield, and even gave rides to interested participants. The car ran great and on Saturday in the AACA Show it was awarded a AACA 2nd Junior Award. Not bad for a 30 year old restoration that required a mechanical re-restoration and lots of hours of cleaning and polishing to get into show condition. In addition, both Norm and Shellie judged at the AACA Event.
NHR participates in Syracuse Nationals weekend of July 20-July 22 with the 1912 Oakland Model 40 Touring   
NHR co-owners Shellie Stewart and Norm Hutton participated in the Syracuse Nationals with the 1912 Oakland Touring. Probably the oldest car at the event, and driven their each day, it got lots of attention especially when they would start the car for interested spectators. The Syracuse Nationals is huge car event held annually for the last 19yrs at the NYS Fairgrounds. Although a hot, hot weather weekend, the car ran great and even turned heads on the road when going to and from the show at 45-50 mph.
NHR adds a 1913 Overland Race Car to the collection 
NHR picked up a 1913 Overland Race Car re-creation in Ocala, FL  last weekend. The car was almost finished when the owner died and it was sold to a new owner along with some other cars. The new owner contacted NHR and a deal was struck and off to Florida to pick it up about 1 month later. They hope to have it in Hershey for sale once it is completed. Both Norm and Shellie want to thank Rick Schmidt and his staff at NPD for their help.
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