Early Summer Update! 
Collector Cars and Race Cars Available For Sale ! 
Renee James Collector Cars, LLC has the following vintage cars ready for immediate sale:
1908 Buick Model 10 w Mother-in-Law Seat
1914 Pullman Touring Car
1917 American LaFrance Firetruck
1926 Lincoln Phaeton
1931 Pop Dreyer Sprint Car
1932 Pontiac Cabriolet
1932 Buick Convertible 50 series 
1948 Packard Convertible
1985 Monte Carlo Street Stock Race Car
1990 Cadillac Allante 2 Seat Convertible
Contact us for pictures and descriptions of the cars, and in some limited cases videos of the cars running. As restrictions are being lifted related to the Corona Virus Pandemic, call today to schedule an appt to see one of these collector cars. All of the cars listed are ready to enjoy this summer. Even though most car shows are cancelled, make your selection today since it will still be fun to cruise around this summer in one of these cars, or in the case of the 2 race cars, get them ready for action if vintage racing resumes this summer.
Transporting Cars Resumes last week of May !! 
As the US starts to reopen as the Coronavirus downward tend continues, Renee James Collector Car LLC co-owners are scheduling trips to deliver and pick-up collector cars, with our 1st trips scheduled for the last week in May. Since we move 1 to 2 cars at a time in a closed trailer, or open trailer based on your preference, we provide specialty service for your car without moving it until it reaches its destination to prevent others from coming into contact with it. The cars will sanitized using disinfectant wipes that won't harm finishes or surfaces at time of loading or unloading, and delivery/pick-up fees can be wired in advance, or paid in cash but if in cash money will be sprayed with Lysol to prevent spread of Coronavirus at time of transaction. So, call and get on the calendar. Until we see you down the road, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!