NHR/Renee James Collector Car visits Florida to look over a collection of cars and to add to their collection between Christmas and New Years! 
NHR/Renee James Collector Car co-owners Norm Hutton and Shellie Stewart visited West Palm Beach Florida over the holidays to see a wonderful collection of collector cars. The trip was a resounding success and the new addition to the collection will be a spectacular car. The new collector car will be revealed in February after it is picked up and back at the RJ/NHR World Headquarters and will then be participating at AACA Shows, and Concours around the country in 2019.
NHR to attend Motorsports in Oaks, PA January 18-20, 2018.   
NHR co-owners Shellie Stewart and Norm Hutton will be participating in the AARN Motorsports Show in Oaks, PA in mid-January. Shellie and Norm will be displaying early race cars from the days of early NASCAR racing. Come in and visit any of the 3 days.
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