NHR at AACA Grand National Meet June 7 
NHR co-owners Norm Hutton and Shellie Stewart participated in the AACA Grand National Meet on Saturday June 2 with a 1908 Sears Model J, and a 1937 Chevy Modified Stock Car. Both cars were well received and each car was awarded an AACA Senior Grand National Award.
NHR at Grand Ascent and Elegance at Hershey June 7-10  
NHR participated in the VSCCA Grand Ascent and Elegance at Hershey this past weekend. Shellie drove the 1959 Bugeye Sprite Hillclimb originally campaigned by TJ Elkin into the 1970's including Hershey when it was an active race car, and Norm drove the 1954 Edwards Blume Special that was originally campaigned by Tip Blume at Pebble Beach from 1954-1956.  After mechanical re-restoration of both cars after last years event by Mike Rothman, each car performed with no issues! In addition, NHR displayed their 1925 Chevy Sprint car built by the Chevrolet Brothers in the mid 1920's to showcase their speed equipment and their 1916 Model T Paco T-Man race car that raced in the early 1920's in Ellenville NY, plus their 2018 Chevy SS ARCA NASCAR that was raced this year in Lucas Oil 200 in Daytona. All cars were well received.
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